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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Inspirational Quote Projects

Hello my blog friends!
A while ago I showed you this project
and I wasn't sure how I was going to hang it.
Well I figured it out.
What I did was put the 12x12 project into a scrapbook
page protector, I used some scrap matting to cut 
strips for the top of the piece.
I punched holes where the holes were in the 
page protector and adhered the project between
2 strips of matting with ATG tape.
I then used a ribbon to make a hanger.
Here is a close up of the final project.
My daughter and I went over to 
My Happy Place,
the scrapbooking/crafting studio that a 
couple friends and I run, to hang it and some
others that I've made.
Here is Kelsie, bravely standing on the table
to find the correct spot for this piece.
"How's this Mom?"
Perfect placement!
These 3 that I'm showing you today are all
on walls at the end of the tables where we create.
The next wall says Laugh, unfortunately, my camera
dies and I didn't get a picture with the whole wall,
but this is the one I placed there. 
Not sure if you can read that last line, 
it says
"Projects Half Done"
Don't we all have some of those?
I had fun creating the elements on this,
but it was difficult to leave things half done.
That little knitting project was fun.
I took a couple bamboo skewers and made little 
knitting needles and knitted that piece with 
embroidery cotton and rolled up a little ball of it
to glue onto this project.  
The last one is the word Create and I thought this was 
appropriate for that wall.
This hangs right above the end of the table where I always
work.  I do draw a lot of inspiration from different
beautiful things and projects that others have done.
I think it's very important to remember this,
use it as inspiration and don't try to 
re-create it.  I think trying to re-create things exactly
makes for disappointment.
Inspiration is the key,
see something and then put your own twist on it.
For all these projects I stamped or traced onto the
paper and colored with colored pencils.
For the last one, the writing was painted on with

That's it for today.
All in all, Kelsie and I hung 7 projects.
I have a few more in the works and will be posting 
them all in my next few posts.
I like the idea of having some inspirational projects
hanging where we are creating.
I sure hope the ladies at 
My Happy Place
will enjoy them.
I had a wonderful time creating them and plan to 
make plenty more.
I hope you have enjoyed my projects and are 
inspired in some way by them.
Thanks for stopping by today,
hope you'll stop by again soon.
Now go create something and have fun! 

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