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Friday, December 9, 2016

Punch Board

Hi All!
Y'all know I'm a scrapbooker and crafter,
well do you know that I love to plan crops?
Every year for the last several years, I have held a
Black Friday Crop
and I just love it.  It's my favorite crop to plan
and run.  I always try to have a theme and have done 
a bunch of  scrapping takes on game shows.
In the past I have done, The Scrapping Price is Right,
Wheel of Scrapbooking and this year I did
Let's Make a Deal the scrapping version.
My husband insists that the punch board is 
The Price is Right, but I figure it's my crop and my
game, so I'll do what I want.
So I made a "punch board"
Unfortunately, as I often do, I forgot to take pictures
from the beginning, so you'll have to use your imagination
a bit.
I got a large piece of cardboard, 
I'd guess it's about 30x40
Using a "Solo" cup I traced circles onto 
the cardboard, then cut just inside the lines
I covered the board with wrapping paper, 
turned it over and cut the holes out of the paper too.
I put little prizes in each cup.
It was simple to cut some tissue paper,
put it over the top of the cups and
secure it with a rubber band.
Then I just put the cups through the holes in the board.
Here's what the back of the board looks like,
not pretty, but no one sees it.
I just propped it up on a chair for the crop.
Each person just had to poke through the tissue paper
to see what prize they got.
I will be keeping this board to use for other parties.
How fun would this be for a kids birthday party?
Or to use for another game, put clues in the cups?
Or perhaps tasks to complete to win a prize?
There are a lot of ways to use this and it
was so simple to make.

Thanks for stopping in today,
I hope you have been inspired in some way.
Maybe for a game or a way to give prizes.
Come again soon, you never know
 what you'll find on
Kristie Kreates!

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