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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

His and Hers

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
Now that Christmas has passed, I'm free to share
some gifts that I made.
Well, this one I helped make.
My daughter wanted to make a beer mug and a
wine glass for her friends with specific messages
on them.
So, of course, Mom offered to help.
We chose a font that she liked and cut vinyl stencils with
my Silhouette.  Once it was cut, we removed all the letters.
We then covered the stencil with transfer tape.
Removed the vinyl from it's backing sheet and
stuck it to the glass.
This one was a bit harder since it was on a 
wine glass that was curved.
The other one went on much easier since it
was on a mug that was straight up and down.
The transfer tape was then removed and we
had the stencils ready to go.
We used Armour Etch 
to etch the glass.
You can purchase this in most craft stores.
It really is an easy process,
just spread the cream over the stencil and let it
sit for a while.
Check the instructions for the length of time
you should leave the etching cream on the
We left ours on for 10-15 minutes.
You can see you don't have to be neat about it, just 
dab it on and leave it.
But do be careful, this is a strong chemical mixture
which can cause irritation to the skin and burning.
Be Careful!
Then just simply run it under water and clean the 
etching cream off the project.
Peel the vinyl off  and you have an etched
Here is how the beer mug turned out.
And the wine glass.
I'm sorry for the poor pictures.
It is very difficult to get a good picture
of the etching.
I'm sure her friends will like these,
especially since she took the time to make
them especially for them.

Thanks for popping in today,
I hope you'll be back soon.
I'll be showing y'all some of the other
Christmas gifts I made.
Until then,
I wish you the warm days
and happy times.

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