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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Multi gift card holder

Hello everyone!
I hope your Christmas shopping is done or going well.
As of this writing, I still have a bit to do
and one thing is to buy the gift cards for this 
little holder.
Every year we give my Aunt Marilyn, who is 93 yrs old,
gift cards.  I get several cards for restaurants like 
Subway and Wendy's for her.
She loves it and every year I come up with another 
gift card holder for her.
In the past I have done this one and this one
and this year I made the one below.
I got the idea from Kristina Werner's blog
in her post for 
I made 2 of the double card holders and adhered them
to each other.
I then cut a cover for them and adhered the inside with
I made a small "cover" for the edges of the 
part where they were taped together, just
to give a more finished look.
I threaded a piece of craft twine through a button,
used foam tape to adhere the button to the front of the 
card holder and wrapped the twine around the
card holder and then around under the button to hold
it closed.
I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
Now I just have to get the cards for it and get it 
sent out to her with her other gifts.
Sure wish I could be there when she opens it.
I know she'll like the gift and she always 
appreciates the time I take to make a unique
card holder for her.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Not long until it will be Christmas,
my favorite holiday!
See you again soon.

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