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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bulb Ornaments

Hello bloggy friends!
One day I was in Michael's and the blank
ornaments were on sale 70% off and I saw these and
had to buy some of them.
They remind me of my childhood and those big 
lights we used to have on our tree.
Of course, they were clear when I bought them.
And I forgot to take a picture before I glittered them.
Glittering them was simple.
I used cheap pump style hair spray,
poured it into the ornament.
Then poured it out of the ornament, back
into the bottle.
I turned the ornament upside down onto a paper towel
for about 15 - 20 seconds,
then poured glitter into it.
I put my thumb over the hole and shook it up.
Then I poured the extra glitter out onto a piece of paper
and funneled it back into the container.
I set them aside to let them dry
and the next day put the tops back on.
And here they are, all ready to hang on the tree,
or to give as gifts.
I may add names or the year to some of them.
I think they are just so darn cute, very nostalgic.
I did try to get some more, as I thought they would
make great stocking stuffers for my family,
siblings, nieces, nephews and greats,
but they don't have anymore of them 
at Michael's.
Maybe next year!

Thanks for stopping by today.
Did you make any Christmas ornaments
this year?
Let me know in the comments what kind
you made and if you kept them or gave
them as gifts.

See you next time, until then
make something fun!

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