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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sienna' Gift

Hi everyone!
I have the most adorable :"greats"  
that's what I call my great nieces and nephews!
Today I'm showing you what I made for one
of my greats.
I used a 5x7 canvas board, that I picked up at 
I mixed some red and white 
to make pink paint and 
painted the entire board with the pink.
I cut a ballerina with my Silhouette from black vinyl.
I used one of the dancers from the
"Ballerina Border" which I purchased from
I also cut her name using the
Segoe Print font.
I used transfer tape to apply the vinyl to the painted
canvas board.
I then made a 'dress' for the ballerina.
For the dress, I used a strip of lace
and a piece of pink ribbon,
I doubled the lace to give it a bit of fullness.
I layered the pink ribbon on top of the edge of the
doubled lace and used a running stitch with white
thread along the length of the lace and ribbon.
I then pulled the thread to gather the top edge 
and secured it with a few stitches.
I tied a small bow with the same pink ribbon and 
to glue the bow to the dress.
I also used the Multi Medium to glue the dress
to the dancer on the board.
I used the same glue to adhere 3 flowers to the 
hair of the ballerina
I framed it in a black frame.
I think this turned out adorable.

I hope Sienna loves this as much as I do.
I enjoyed creating it for her.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Come again soon.
Until then, I hope you'll 
create something.

Note the links are only to give a reference so you can
see what the products are.
I didn't necessarily purchase from these sites,
except where specified,
and you may find better prices elsewhere,
I am in no way promoting any particular site.

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