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Friday, December 18, 2015

Gift Wrap

Hi everyone!
Have you wrapped your Christmas gifts yet?
No, me neither!
But I have gone to a couple parties and had to bring a gift for
an exchange.
What to do when the Christmas paper is all in the attic,
any you are home alone and still don't feel confident in
climbing the attic stairs after you've had a hip replacement?
I did have some of this black and white paper, so I went with it.
And when you have a stash of all kinds of things
for crafting, you're all set.
I used some wired ribbon and red roses
to "holiday up" the package and I was all set.
If I had some poinsettias in my stash I would have used them,
but alas, I only had one small one and it just didn't work.

So next time you don't have the "right" paper, think outside the box.
Look in your craft supplies and see what might work.
And if you don't have a lot of crafty stuff,
check around the house and see what you might
be able to use.
Now go get your wrapping done!
Thanks for stopping by today,
hope you'll come again soon.

1 comment:

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Those flowers look just as fancy and festive as poinsettias would've. I love it!!