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Monday, December 21, 2015

Sara's Stocking

Hello crafty friends.
Today I'm going to show you the Christmas stocking
I made for my son's girlfriend.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the sweater
I was making it from before I cut it.
So here it is put back together.
Sometimes I just forget to take the appropriate pictures.
I also need to clarify that this sweater is not dirty like it looks 
in this picture, I assure you it's clean, but when I looked at the
pictures, it sure looks awful.  Sorry about that.
I had seen the idea of making a stocking from a sweater
and was lucky to find one at the Goodwill Store with the 
half price colored tag on it.
I used the stockings that I made years ago for the family
as my pattern and cut the stocking out with the bottom
ribbing on the sweater to be the top of the stocking.
I also picked up some cream colored cotton fabric to use
as a lining. I felt that it needed the stability of the cotton
lining.  I would think that the stocking would stretch out and
sag once it was filled, without that lining.
I cut out all 4 pieces and sewed them together.
Easy peasy!
Here's a look at the lining inside the stocking.
I turned the lining inside and stitched around the top of it.
I also cut a strip and sewed on a loop to hang the stocking.
Here is the finished stocking.
And a close up to show the beautiful 
cable stitching.
I think she'll love this stocking!
And these are the left overs.
The plan is to make a pair of 
with the sleeves.
Sara has very small hands so this
should work out fine.
I hope you have been inspired in some way today,
thanks for stopping.
I love upcycling and think this was a great way
to reuse a sweater.
See you again soon.

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